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The founder and managing director of DTL Biotechnology Ltd (Mr Denis Looby) has a successful track record in animal cell biotechnology including the following projects:


  • Design and development of a fixed-bed porous glass bioreactor for 3D culture of immobilised cells.
  • Design and development of a fluidised-bed porous glass bioreactor for 3D culture of
  • immobilised cells.
  • Development of a stirred tank perfusion bioreactor for the 3D culture of immobilised cells in porous silicone carriers (Immobasil®).
  • Development and scale up of a microcarrier production process for an influenza viral vaccine.
  • Serum free media development for immobilised cells
  • Development of a microcarrier process for the production of fish virus vaccines.
  • Bioreactor production and purification of recombinant viral antigens producted in Baculovirus.
  • Adaptation of an anchorage dependent rBHK cell line to suspension growth in serum and protein free media, and the development and optimisation of an immobilised perfusion process for the production of a cytokine fusion protein from this cell line. This project was funded by EU Framework programme
  • Delivered a fully cGMP compliant process for producing a Biosimilar Erythropoietin (EPO) from CHO cells. This included all tasks related to the process from R&D through to manufacturing of licensed commercial batches.
  • Provided process engineering input to the design and build of a mammalian cell based biologics manufacturing plant.
  • Specified, sourced, commissioned and validated (IQ, OQ and PQ) a process scale cell culture, bioreactor and purification equipment for the commercial production of Erythropoietin from CHO mammalian cells
  • Managed a process validation programme to a successful conclusion.
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Recent Projects:

  • The development of 3D immobilised liver cell-carrier based systems for drug discovery applications, toxicology testing and bioartificial organs. This project is described in the next page - SpeCCC Project.
  • The development of novel upstream process technologies for viral vector and vaccine production. This work is currently being set up by DTL Biotechnology Ltd in conjunction with a number of partner companies and research organisations in Ireland.